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Frequenty Asked Questions

Which versions of Word support the tidystats Word add-in?

The tidystats Word add-in is supported by:

Why do statistics inserted in the Google Docs add-in look like links?

All statistics inserted via tidystats in Google Docs are technically links. By turning each Google Docs statistic into a link, we can identify each statistic and maintain the functionality to automatically update the statistics. If you remove the links, you will no longer be able to automatically update the statistics using the 'Update statistics' button. See the Google Docs Statistic page for more information on how this works.

How much does tidystats cost?

Both the tidystats R package and the Word add-in are completely free to use. However, please consider citing it if tidystats proved useful to you.

Does tidystats require an internet connection?

The R package only requires an internet connection when you install the package, just like any R package. The Microsoft Word add-in does require an internet connection because the add-in is technically a web-app that runs inside your document.

Does this mean that the tidystats Word add-in saves my data somewhere on a server?

No. The Word add-in only retrieves information from the server when the add-in is opened. Once open, the add-in will perform all computations on your computer.

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